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Client: InPracSys   |    Nov 2017 - Apr 2018 


Clinic and hospital staff loose 20% of their time scheduling, confirming and canceling patient appointments. But- what if a robot did this instead? How much revenue could a clinic save? Phybot (by InPracSys) is an artificial intelligence (AI) app that relies on an SMS-based platform to lift the burden off of clinic staff and onto technology. Phybot understands and conversates with patients via text message, making it easy for patients to quickly schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments. Phybot even knows when to remind patients of upcoming appointments and when to schedule follow-up appointments. Importantly, clinics’ schedules and time slots can vary greatly depending on the appointment need. Phybot understands this and can schedule accordingly- just like a clinic, but without the clinic.


The foundation of our relationship with InPracSys is built on exploring what’s possible. This project focused on defining the future of technology within healthcare in a digital age. The task was to remove the friction of tedious staff processes and discovering what InPracSys could deliver to clinics and patients using artificial intelligence (AI). We needed to break barriers in the age-old healthcare industry and deliver a product that users could relate to. Challenge accepted.


1. Build a Brand


The first of three phases saw us open brainstorming sessions for our team to come together and research what this app would potentially mean to the user. We generated hundreds of potential names out of that session including Botley and Mobot. The second phase took our conversations into more focused sessions, avoiding cliche names and eliminating names that were already taken. The final phase found the name Phybot emerge as our winning candidate. It simultaneously defines healthcare, robotics and communication; it’s relevant with today’s audience, and scalable enough to relate with anything and anyone.


Our UX and design direction brought human qualities through the use of digital technologies by introducing a communicating platform that respond to the user’s needs. Our key objective was to develop a flexible brand platform that would evolve over time while remaining culturally relevant. We wanted to playfully intrigue the consumers’ curiousity while maintaining brand trust and confidence

Software used: Adobe Illustrator

Phybot Branding & Print
Phybot Branding & Print
Phybot Branding & Print
Phybot Branding & Print
Phybot Branding & Print
Phybot Branding & Print


Phybot Branding & PrintPhybot Branding & Print


Phybot Branding & Print

2. Design Product


Our many concepts and explorations brought us to a simple and flexible solution. We created a design experience that reinforced a sense of communication and interaction. The app provides users with a clear and direct path to schedule, re-schedule or cancel doctor appointments . The navigation structure and architecture removes friction, and encourages users to come back and use Phybot again the next time they need to follow up with the clinic and schedule an appointment.

WIRE FRAMES - Mobile App 

Using industry standard text message platforms as a road map in which to follow, we were able to quickly iterate through wireframes with ease. We added some additional user experiences that allowed a user to feel comfortable communicating with a robot, for example: a 1-click experience to opt-out, call the clinic or exit the conversation.

Software used: Balsamiq

Rapid Prototyping, UX UI, Wireframes


We designed high-fidelity mockups that reflected a simple solution, removed from complication and distraction. These mockups serve as a detailed direction for the development team. Customized elements, such as assets and icons were designed, bundled and packaged for dev use.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop & XD

Interaction Design, UX UI
Interaction Design, UX UI
Interaction Design, UX UI
Interaction Design, UX UI

3. Launch in Market


We wanted to reach people about the Phybot app through a website. Our web experience encouraged exploration, education and engagement for both clinics and patients about Phybot and artificial intelligence. It was very important to be mindful of brand consistency and strategic flexibility at the same time. Partnering these qualities takes thinking and planning, but when they come together- it just works. 

Website Design & Development


As a leader in technological innovations in healthcare, InPracSys, already had a full team of in-house developers. We integrated our UX/UI design team with InPracSys’ dev team the second the project started in order to deliver results with tight deadlines. We relied on Agile methodologies in order to keep our designers and their developers close together during production. 

The mobile App was developed as a Native App for iOS
A Web App was developed for all browsers


InPracSys has integrated Phybot as an additional service for clinics that already use InPracSys technologies.

Clinics describe Phybot as “a fantastic innovation”, “what a great way to take time and dollars off of staff” and “it already pays for itself”.

18% less job time spent on scheduling and canceling appointments and more patients seen due to Phybot reminders.

Our personal result? We helped InPracSys further the technological innovations in the underserved healthcare market, yet again, and have maintained an on-going working relationship with them since the beginning of 2015 to present.

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