Turning a laborsome paper process into an efficient digital process.

Client: InPracSys   |    Nov  2016 - Dec 2017 


Risks to patients, staff, and organizations are prevalent in healthcare. Robust risk management requires extensive preparation and qualified healthcare administrators to develop, implement, and monitor an organization’s plan. Many times clinics don’t have the full resources to catch flagged risks or risks are missed from human error. Severe, unmet risks can lead to patient deaths, multi-million dollar lawsuits and providers can loose licenses. RiskAssist (by InPracSys) is a powerful and robust risk management software program specifically designed to mitigate healthcare risks. Providers and their staff can run and review detailed risk-related reports, catching red-flags. Or, setup automated reminders for screenings, cancer and stent removals before they become red-flags.


InPracSys already had a small risk management tool as an add-on to their main InPracSys EMR software. This add-on was so popular with clinics, that InPracSys came to us wanting to turn it into a very robust, stand-alone software program with multiple digital features that have never been done before in the healthcare industry. The challenge was to take their existing add-on product, and turn it into it’s own full-blown brand and product design. Challenge accepted.


1. Build a Brand


We started the intital branding process by choosing a name for this risk management product. The software was going to be used primarily in-office, by staff and physicians on a regular basis. And so, we needed to understand our target market intensely. We started the process by doing deligent research on other healthcare technologies, looking for familiar words and phrases. We needed the name to be instantly recognizable and synonymous with risk prevention and healthcare. After creating a long list of potential brand names, we a narrowed it down to five. RiskAssist was our final and confident choice. It accurately describes the product and the suffix “Assist” can be used to brand other products under the same product line.


RiskAssist helps mitigate risks, so our branding strategy had to be bold. Very bold. We needed to shine brightly in the endless sky of healthcare technology. We knew the healthcare industry was already consumed with "safe" colors such as blue, green and gray, so we took a risk (no pun intended) and opted for just the opposite. We wanted to show our core users that we had strength and accuracy as a risk management product provider, nevertheless, we wanted to convey a professional, energetic and modern brand. We used visual language to combine those messages into one brand identity.

Software used: Adobe Illustrator

RiskAssist Branding & Print
RiskAssist Branding & Print
RiskAssist Branding & Print
Software Desktop Icon
RiskAssist Branding & Print
Mobile App Icon


RiskAssist Branding & PrintRiskAssist Branding & Print


RiskAssist Branding & Print

2. Design Product


RiskAssist’s primary usage is within clinic walls on a desktop or laptop computer. But, even though we knew this would be primarily computer software, we still wanted it to be pliable, so we created a design that could easily respond to different screen resolutions. When reports are run by staff and a risk is flagged, it’s important that staff are able to communicate immediately with physicians. RiskAssist has a mobile component, RiskAssist Mobile, to keep staff and physicians communicating on-to-go. 

1. Computer Software 
in which staff or providers can run reports and setup patient reminders and alerts
2. Mobile App a mobile conponent that staff and providers can use to stay connected

WIRE FRAMES - Computer Software 

We decided to tackle the software product first, by quickly and efficiently wireframing each screen. Since the client had first-hand knowledge of the tasks that staff and physicians perform, we sat down with them through many interations and meetings, making sure the userflow was logical for our target market.

Software used: Balsamiq

Rapid Prototyping, UX UI, Wireframes

DETAILED MOCKUPS - Computer Software 

We took in account all the variables and factors necessary for natural userflow, while acheiving as few clicks as possible. And, after the software wireframes were approved by the client, we started designing fully-detailed, high-resolution mockups. These mockups would serve as a detailed road map for the development team. Customized elements, such as assets and icons were designed, bundled and packaged for dev use.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop & XD

Interaction Design, UX UI
Interaction Design, UX UI
Interaction Design, UX UI

WIREFRAMES - Mobile App 

As a component to the main RiskAssist software, we designed RiskAssist Mobile, a communication App. When an important report needs to be run and reviewed, or a risk is flagged, RiskAssist Mobile is the perfect tool for providers and staff to be in communication on-the-go.

Software used: Balsamiq

Rapid Prototyping, UX UI, Wireframes


Detailed, high-resolution mockups were also designed for the mobile App. These mockups were handed over to the development team as soon as they were final. Again, customized elements, such as assets and icons were designed, bundled and packaged for dev use.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop & XD

Interaction Design, UX UI
Interaction Design, UX UI
Interaction Design, UX UI
Interaction Design, UX UI

3. Launch in Market


We were asked to design a website landing page in order to launch RiskAssist into the market and to create awareness within the healthcare industry. It was the first time a risk management software this robust and accurate had been developed for clinics and hospitals and we wanted them to know about it. The website landing page would be their first impression. Like the 5 pillars of the RiskAssist brand, the website needed to be:

1. Bold
2. Accurate 
3. Professional
4. Energetic  
5. Modern

Website Design & Development


As a leader in technological innovations in healthcare, InPracSys, already had a full team of in-house developers. We integrated our UX/UI design team with InPracSys’ dev team the second the project started in order to deliver results with tight deadlines. We relied on Agile methodologies in order to keep our designers and their developers close together during production. 

The computer software was developed as Cloud Software
The mobile App was developed as a HybridApp


The “risky” bold look/feel of the RiskAssist interface and brand was extremely well-received by healthcare professionals. 

InPracSys clients who used the software for the first time explained being “bowled over with enthusiasm”, and used words to describe the interface as "Wow, tight!”,  “Few clicks and all automated”,  "Looks amazing” and  “Fast”.

New clients described the product as “Wow, you guys really know how to do software!"
8,000 new clinics & hospitals are on the waitlist to receive RiskAssist as soon as it is out of Beta testing.

Our personal result? We helped InPracSys further the technological innovations in the underserved healthcare market, yet again, and have maintained an on-going working relationship with them since the beginning of 2015 to present.

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