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Client: Shelley Bot LLC   |    May 2019 - Current  


Shelley Bot is an Artificial Intelligence Recruitbot that is designed for the candidate, giving them more insight and control over their information throughout the entire hiring process. Unlike job boards, there’s no job searching involved, no cover letter and no resume required. The candidate can just chat with Shelley Bot about the position and their job search goals. Machine Learning coupled with Natural Language Processing, means that Shelley Bot learns from each interaction, recalls past responses, enacts precise searches, and flags inappropriate inquiries.

Shelley Bot will also transform the recruiting process by automating outreach and communication across the entire candidate lifecycle. She brings passive talent alongside active job seekers by offering a confidential, quick and easy process for professionals to explore the opportunities out there.


Our challenge was building an MVP product that solved these core problems:


The dreaded job hunt
- We want to provide an avenue for candidates to casually chat about their job search, instead of the redundancy of job board job searching.
Lack of confidentiality- We want to minimize the amount of data collected, stored and shared, as well as use anonymous data credentials to provide candidates privacy.
The hiring bias- We want to be able to completely eliminate the hiring bias, by leveraging complete anonoymousy. 
Mismatched job descriptions- We want to eliminate poor data and job descriptions that don’t match the job seeker. 


Talent slipping through the cracks- We want to bring both passive and active talent through the job funnel by making it easy for recruiters to casually connect with candidates. 
Outdated information- We want to help the recruiter build their pipeline by having Shelley Bot automatically check in on candidates, so when a new opportunity arises, the candidate's information is current.
Time wasted on cold leads- A warm lead is a good lead. We want to send prescreened, warm leads automatically to the recruiter as soon as a role opens up, so both candidate and recruiter and informed and ready to chat.

We believe these core problems are best addressed by a strong understanding of the user and product concept. And, our core approach is user-centered design and proven design processes. Therefore, we got involved early on and throughout the entire product lifecycle. 


1. Discovery


The target users of Shelley Bot are young, experience-driven professionals working in the tech and creative services industries. These users have a strong preference for mobile-first, fast, real-time communication. Email just doesn’t cut it anymore.

A key differentiator of this user group is that they are quick to adapt to new technologies. 


In order to reinforce the relaxed and friendly tone that was established for Shelley Bot, we kept the color pallet subdued and our Bot choice overtly approachable. Although we intitally received some push-back that Shelley Bot was too “millennial”, we continued to develop the brand in that direction. We felt, it was either go hard or go home. And we took it all the way.

Software used: Adobe Illustrator

Thoughtful Pinch Branding & Print
Thoughtful Pinch Branding & Print
Thoughtful Pinch Branding & Print
Thoughtful Pinch Branding & Print


Thoughtful Pinch Branding & Print

2. Concepting


In order to identify if this product was worth building, as well as what it needed to accomplish, we started out by creating high-level user journeys of both the candidate and recruiter target users. Then, we created a feature list, identifying what features were absolutely necessary to get early adopters to use the platform. Although we knew that the product could grow to be something much larger and more robust, we focused on creating an MVP that met the user’s core needs.

Rapid Prototyping, UX UIRapid Prototyping, UX UI


After we identified the key features that had to be included in the product in order to build the MVP, we then mapped out wireframes based on those features (a lot of whiteboarding was involved). At this point in the process, we found participatory design to be extremely helpful. We actually had recruiters mapping out their ideal flows, which we were then able to incorporate into our design.

Software used: Balsamiq

Rapid Prototyping, UX UI

3. Prototyping and User Testing


As we started to explore the interface and visual design, we found this point in the process to be the perfect time to engage with the engineering team and AI experts in order to rapidly iterate on a wide variety of ideas. Because the central component of our product's experience is a bot (AI), we wanted to push the boundaries of what a bot could do, while remaining familiar enough that users wouldn’t be scared away.

Software used: Invision 


Even though Shelley Bot has not yet been developed, we found the high-fidelity interaction prototypes to be extremely useful in gathering valuable feedback. So far, the results of user testing indicate and overwhelmingly positive response. 

Interaction Design, UX UI
Interaction Design, UX UI
Interaction Design, UX UI
Interaction Design, UX UI



While the engineering team had the product in their hands, we started working on how we were going to launch Shelley Bot into the market. We chose a simple landing-page approach, pairing down the value-points to a select, powerful few. All in all, the core of our marketing strategy was focused on simply “Saying Hello to Shelley”. It was important that a new user can see how easy it was to engage with Shelley Bot… watch out, she might amaze you!

Interaction Design, UX UI


While Shelly Bot has not been formally released yet, it has already received beta traction from users. Candidates are positively responding and engaging with Shelley Bot and the number of users are rapidly growing by the day.

As we look forward to real market feedback, we are also anticipating how a revenue modal can be incorporated into the product, making Shelley Bot profitable. 

Shelley Bot has opened up so much potential with AI in the recruiting space.  We are excited to see how Shelley Bot organically progresses and we are commited to ensuring the product’s success throughout.

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